Let Me Complain!

I get so frustrated with today’s world that I literally wish I could just drink my life away and have fun. Unfortunately for me I can’t cause I’m stuck working a million hours a week at Leicester escort agency! I wish I was on the clients end where I get to enjoy drinks with a random stranger and feel wanted for an evening. But I can’t do that, not in my case. In my line of work it grows old quickly taking women out night after night. It becomes more or less a routine rather than fun. The first six month is usually tons of fun, but after that the newness starts to fade and you pretty much have to drag yourself out to work. The only time I come alive again is when a woman just wants company and conversation and they actually want to hear about my life. It gets me the chance to complain for once.

Twenty Year Old Dream Comes True for Me and My Sister

All our lives, my sister Joan and I have dreamed of visiting London England. To us, it has always been a magical place were dreams come true. We both have a fascination with the royal family. Joan’s with the present-day family; Princess Diana and her family. Mine, on the other hand, has always been King Author, Merlin, and Queen Elizabeth the first.

London was amazing. We were only there for three days, but we did more in those three days than most people do in a month. We took the Harry Potter tour, went to Stonehenge, went to all the Palaces, visited many museums, saw Big Ben and went to Scotland Yards.

When we got home, we were both tired and in so much pain, we could hardly move. I told, her, we forgot to do one thing in London. We forgot to get a Leeds escortss massage.

Romantic Gentleman

I work for the escorts in Nottingham agency and there is never a dull moment in this line of business. It seems like I am always extremely exhausted from long nights and extended trips abroad. I try not to complain to much because I would not be making this type of money elsewhere.

From time to time, I like to take a break and head off for a week to some exotic location that I have not been to before. My last trip that I set for 7 days ended up turning into 12 days. I met a very romantic gentleman in the pool area when I was getting a drink from the poolside bar.

Ever since then we still keep in contact and he gets on a jet and visits me once a month. I am not trying to get my hopes up but this may be the man that I have been looking for my entire life!

What a Man

Driving down the road yesterday on my way home, I saw a man jogging down the road with a large chest bouncing up and down and muscles tensed to the point where they looked like they were going to explode. I was in complete awe. I would have given anything to of had the confidence to ask him if he would wanna fuck me sometime. His body was just so beautiful that I couldn’t even control my own thoughts when I saw him. I literally have never seen anything like him throughout all my years. I told my sister about this mysterious man and luckily enough she traveled the same path the next day and got a glimpse of heaven for herself. The poor guy probably has no idea that all these women go miles out of their way just to see his shirtless body running down the road.

Magical Night

We just had our company party a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was at work talking about taking their wives. I am not married nor have a girlfriend, so I knew that I was going be looked at strangely. The people at my work don’t know about my private life, so I took a Nottingham escorts companion with me to the party.

I made sure that she was very attractive when I booked her because I wanted everyone’s head to turn when we walked through the door. At first, I was a little uneasy with her, but as I continued to drink I became more relaxed. We ate dinner and then danced for about 1 1/2 hours. I took her home with me, and she has not left my side ever since that night.

Social Networking Fun

I met both of my fuck buddies London online through two different dating websites a couple months ago. Free social networking is great because you can meet new people 24/7 online whenever you want to. I like how I can match myself up with someone else that has the same likes or dislikes that I have.

It only took me about ten minutes to create the perfect profile and I added my favorite picture as well. I always know when the people that I talk to are online and we can start chatting instantly or leave each other messages.

My latest buddy that I met has been really cool and we get along like we have known each other for years. We both agreed on a no strings attached relationship and if we are feeling some type of feeling that we need to let each other know right away.

Never Would Have Imagined

I never thought these functions would get any better or even any more exciting. All my co-workers and I do is sit around a table at a restaurant and drink, discussing the company’s issues. Although we are able to drink during these brief meetings, the conversations are enough to kill anyone’s buzz. The other night after hours of web surfing I came across the Derby escort agency. I decided that maybe going through them would be beneficial to my state of mind during these work functions. I couldn’t have made a better choice. After bringing my escort to one of the meetings, I decided that maybe this could be a routine for me. She added spice to every conversation and made everyone of my co-workers blush, even with their wife sitting right beside them. Not only did I like my new friend, but so didn’t everyone sitting around the table.

Chocolate & Vanilla Twist

It has been so nice out in the last week that I have been stopping after work at the ice cream parlor to get a chocolate and vanilla twist. There is a patio to sit outside at and enjoy the fresh air.

After I eat my treat, I go home shower and get my dinner together so that I can eat after a long day of work. If I have any energy after that, I will call my fuck buddy over because she will come over whenever I want her to.

I have been messing with her for about two years and she does anything that I tell her to do, unlike other buddies that I have had in the past. I know that I have to treat her pretty good because I do not want to lose her.